Dom zu Speyer Apsis und Osttürme

Dom zu Speyer Gotisches Relief der dort bestatteten Könige

Dom zu Speyer Blick ins Mittelschiff von Orgelempore

Dom zu Speyer Chorraum der Krypta

Dom zu Speyer nördliches Seitenschiff

Dom zu Speyer Zwerggalerie auf der Südwestseite

Dom zu Speyer Südostseite

Dom zu Speyer Patrone an der Westseite

Dom zu Speyer Blick von Aussichtsplattform im Südwestturm auf Osttürme

Dom zu Speyer Chorraum

Welcome the Speyer Cathedral!

The Speyer Cathedral is an Episcopal church, a parish church and a pilgrimage destination.

The cathedral was consecrated in 1061 to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Protomartyr Stephen.

In 1981 the Speyer Cathedral was admitted to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

You are cordially welcome to attend church services, devotions, and concerts as well as to use the cathedral for individual prayer.

The cathedral is open to visitors. You are welcome to explore the cathedral on your own, use one of our mediation services  or, in advance, book one of our tours. In addition there is also the possibility to climb up the southwest tower.

Visitation is not permitted during church services and special events. In rare cases there are different opening hours.