Friends of the Cathedal Music - Dommusik-Förderverein Speyer e. V.

Choral music has a long tradition in the Speyer Cathedral. The cathedral’s choirs are an inherent part of both the liturgy in the cathedral and the cultural life of the city. Many young people and adults volunteer a lot of their time and devote no shortage of passion to the music of the Speyer cathedral. Their contribution is not limited only to their support of the liturgy, but extends to the concerts they perform, showcasing sacred music and the great oratory works of the Christian faith.

Our association is devoted to the work of the Speyer Cathedral Choir and the youth choirs, and seeks to both support them financially and provide them with ideas and suggestions. On this page you will find all the necessary information regarding our association. We cordially invite you to become members of the Speyer Cathedral Friend’s Association for Music.

The association promotes the choir groups in the following areas:

  • Cathedral concerts with the performance of oratory works
  • National and international concert tours
  • Vocal development and instruction
  • Acquisition of working materials
  • Furnishing of rehearsal rooms
  • Communal experience

An annual fee of € 30 (minimum contribution) is required for membership.

The association would also be happy to receive a one-time donation.

Our bank details are:

Freundes- und Förderkreis des Speyerer Domchores und der Domsingschule e.V.

Liga Bank Speyer

Bank Code: 750 903 00

Account Number: 62910


Dommusik-Förderverein Speyer e. V.
Hasenpfuhlstr. 33b
67346 Speyer

Tel.: +49 6232/10093-10