How you can help us

In the year 1030, the construction of the Speyer Cathedral began. In 1041, the crypt was consecrated, and in 1063 the cathedral itself was complete and consecrated. Almost a thousand years have passed since then, and the building has undergone violent destructions and been subjected to the wear and tear of time. The cathedral chapter, a council of clerics from the diocese, is first and foremost responsible for the cathedral and its preservation.

In order to preserve the cathedral for future generations, we are dependent on your help.

Your support can be given directly to us or passed on through one of our funding institutions: the Cathedral Building Society or the European Foundation for the Speyer Imperial Cathedral.

There are many simple ways you can give your support to Speyer Cathedral. Donations and grants are vital to the cathedral’s future and your gift however large or small will make a difference.

You may leave a donation at your next visit at a donation box inside the cathedral. 

Donations account:

IBAN: DE70750903000000054348


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