Click on the arrows to navigate through the different stations of the round tour. 

Ground plot

  1. Tolling of the bells
  2. The westwork
  3. The nave
  4. The nave aisles
  5. Patrona Spirensis
  6. The crossing
  7. The apse
  8. The chapels
  9. The crypt and the emperors tombs
  10. The main organ
  11. The imperial hall and the observation platform


1. The Download einer Dateibells of the Speyer Cathedral are located in the front central tower. The chiming of the bells calls the faithful to church services and sounds during mass when consecration takes place.
Pope John Paul II
5. Excerpt of a Download einer Dateispeech given by Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his visiting the Speyer Cathedral in 1987.
Sound Sample of the Main Organ
10. Download einer DateiSound Sample of the main organ: Charles Hubert Hastings Parry‘s “Elegy” played by cathedral organist Markus Eichenlaub.
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