The Cathedral and the City

Speyer is one of the oldest cities in Germany. 1990 saw the celebration of its 2000th anniversary. At the time of the commencement of construction of the Salian cathedral almost a thousand years ago, Speyer had a population of only 500. When construction of the cathedral ended, Speyer had become a city with 5000 inhabitants. The city architecture, under the direction of the cathedral founder Emperor Conrad II, was oriented around the cathedral. From the observation deck of the southwest tower, one can take in the broad triumphal street that leads from the city gate to the cathedral.

In the Middle Ages, Speyer was the sovereign heart of the Holy Roman Empire. Today, Speyer impresses with its rich cultural offerings, its Mediterranean flair and its cosmopolitanism.

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Combined Cathedral and City Tours

First explore the Romanesque cathedral and then discover the city on the Rhine. Guides will accompany you both in the cathedral and as you make your way through Speyer as well, explaining everything that you need to know.

Duration: ca. 2 hours

Price (guided tour): €159 including admission to the cathedral crypt

Maximum Number of Participants: 25 persons

Bookings are possible via email at our Link zu einer E-Mail AdresseGuided Tours Office