Entrance Fees

There is no entrance fee to the cathedral.  

However, we ask our visitors to support the cathedral by paying small fees for access to the crypt and emperors tombs as well as to he emperors' hall and observation platform. 

Crypt and Emperors Tombs

€ 3,80- / reduced* € 1,50- / families** € 9.-


€ 8,50 / reduced* 5.- / families** € 22.-

Free admission is available for children up to 6 years of age.

*Reduced admission is available for those up to 18 years of age, pupils, students, severely disabled visitors with accompanying ID, participants in the Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) and Federal Volunteers Service (BuFdi) programs.

** Families: Parental couple (or grandparents) with any number of their own children or grandchildren.

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