Rules of Conduct

Welcome to Speyer Cathedral!

You are entering the cathedral and are stepping into a house of God.

A great many people visit the cathedral daily, many of which come in order to search out calm and communication with God. Sightseeing of the cathedral is also permitted.

We would kindly ask you to respect the following rules of conduct:

  • Speak and communicate with one another quietly so that those who are praying or meditating are not disturbed.
  • During your stay in the cathedral please ensure that your mobile phone and other electronic devices are inaudible.
  • Visitation is not permitted during church services and special events.
  • Please dress appropriately. Shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, as well sleeveless or low-cut clothing are not appropriate.
  • Please do not enter the cathedral on rollerskates or rollerblades.
  • The bringing along of animals is not permitted in the cathedral.
  • Please eat and drink outside the cathedral and not within its walls.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the cathedral.

By entering the cathedral you agree to the rules of the cathedral.

Photography and Videos

The taking of photos and the making of videos for private purposes without the use of flash or tripods is permitted. We ask that during church services or concerts that you refrain from taking photos or making videos.

Commercial photographers, camera teams from television stations or production companies, as well as academic researchers can apply in advance for a permit to film or photograph. Applications must be submitted to the cultural management department for the cathedral: Link zu einer E-Mail


Tours are only bookable in advance and with the permission of the cathedral custodian.

Please book your guided tours beforehand by contacting our cathedral guided tours office at Link zu einer E-Mail

Tours given by third parties without an official permit are forbidden and will be prevented if necessary.