The Cathedral Team

The maintenance of the cathedral both as a place of worship and as a monument is the responsibility of the cathedral chapter. Assistance towards the fulfillment of this task is provided by a number of individuals:

The cathedral building authority is responsible for the planning and execution of all construction work pertaining to the cathedral.

The cathedral conservator presides over the cathedral’s protection as a monument and is responsible for making sure that everything complies to the monument’s heritage code.

The cathedral cultural management executes editorial control over visitor mediation services and oversees media such as flyers, audioguides, apps and the cathedral homepage. 

The members of Speyer Cathedral Music, led by the Domkapellmeister are responsible for the musical organization of church services and their performance, perform at concerts and take responsibility for the education of new singers.

The cathedral sacristy prepares church services, performs organizational tasks, and performs liturgical and everyday functions.

The cathedral technical staff is entrusted with the cathedral’s technical equipment, including the entire electronic systems such as the central fire alarm system, lighting, loudspeaker system and much more.

The cathedral tour office arranges more than 1.000 guided tours per year.

The cathedral visitor service organizes everything having to do with touristic visits in the cathedral; amongst other things this includes procedural planning, maintenance of infrastructure and the staffing of personnel.