Cathedral Chapter

The Speyer Cathedral Chapter holds full responsibility for the Speyer Cathedral and is a council made up presently of nine diocesan priests. Alongside their liturgical responsibilities for the cathedral, they are also tasked with leading and administering the diocese.

The representative and moderator of the Cathedral Chapter is the cathedral provost, who is appointed by the bishop. He is in charge of presiding over the meetings of the Cathedral Chapter.

The Cathedral Chapter elects from its ranks an additional dignitary, the cathedral dean, who is in charge of both the liturgy and, by extension, the music performed in the cathedral. Further special functions are assigned to the cathedral custodian, who is in charge of the building itself and the finances of the Cathedral Chapter, and to the cathedral priest, who is responsible for the cathedral parish.

The Cathedral Chapter is also responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the Speyer Cathedral. Through your generous donations, you contribute to the upholding of this house of God and landmark of cultural heritage.

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